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Tucked away in a lovely park that doesn’t give off an impression of being in the city center, Playground is crafted with innovation in mind and serves as:

an inspiring collaborative workspace for more than 90 tenants.

home of ICT Hub Venture, first private Serbian investment fund for early-stage startups

an arena where the traditional businesses meet disruptive innovation

an environment where generations of ICT Hub Startup program grow and learn how to turn their ideas into reality

a hub for IT community gatherings, networking, experience and expertise sharing

learning ground for children entering the world of innovation

a unique venue tailored for tech and IT-related events and meetings


A place where an uber-cool community of tech enthusiasts, perspective startups, corporate innovators and changemakers brainstorm, ideate and create.

Choose your way to innovate:

ICT Hub Startup

A program, mentoring sessions, lectures, and events aimed to strengthen the startup ecosystem.

ICT Hub Venture

Your journey starts here! We can help you reach goals set for your company.


Come take a bite of the startup culture and become part of the community that turn your perspective on the business upside-down.

Work with us! / Become our tenant

Whether you are a freelancer or have your own startup, we invite you to become Playground tenant and join the uber-cool community of more than 90 change-makers with a diverse set of IT and entrepreneurship skills and talents, who work under our roof.

Drop in - daily play pass

If a laptop is your weapon of choice, you got bored from working at the coffee shops and would rather get your tasks done surrounded by some of the coolest startup teams and freelancers out there + you don’t mind coworking in downtown Belgrade - we invite you to drop in, work and play with us for a day!

12 day
Part-time tenant

Whether you just need to spice up your working routine or are visiting Belgrade for a week or two, we have the right membership model for you. Step out from your comfort zone, jump in our Playground and work with us 10 days a month.


All part-time tenants are guaranteed an awesome workspace in our laptop friendly working area - perfect for adventurous spirits who like to switch their seats. * clean-desk policy applies

45 month
Full-time co-working buddy

Membership model tailored for those who are devoted to their own startup or freelance projects 24/7, are too creative for a 9-5 job in a corporate world and seek an inspiring and playful place to develop their business...


As our full-time time tenant, you are guaranteed one working desk in quiet or community working area (depending on the availability of seats) and will get a personal locker where you can leave your laptop and make your backpack just a little bit lighter. Did we mention you can bring your pet, too?

75 per month - startups
95 per month - freelancers

Do you want to organize an event on our innovative playground?

Playground tenants:

don’t have to worry about buying a cup of coffee or tea (yes, they get them for free!)

are first to get notified about mentoring sessions and in-house events organize by ICT Hub

get access to our pool of mentors (both local and globally recognized experts that can help you level up your business ideas)

become members of a mailing group that gathers everyone who has ever been part of our community

can use the meeting rooms per reservation

will never miss a chance to have fun due to our monthly hanging out and relaxing events, launch parties, group workouts and many more interesting activities organized exclusively for our tenants

Worried about maintaining your work-life balance, we decided to close our doors on weekends – for you to stay sane.

What do our tenants think about us?


“I came to the Hub with the idea only to work, but it was much more than that. I also had fun and developed my idea with the help of the ICT Hub team, as well as the tenants that create in it. THe positive spirit and healthy competition are the quality of the Hub and that gives you the desire to be even better in what you do. It is amazing to be your own and at the same time be a member of the community which fosters personal growth.”
Dragana Jovčić

Forecast Ads

“An amazing experience. Simply, you have everything literally everything you need in one place – from designers and developers to marketing people. Each of the tenants has a skill that you lack, so you can always pick up great advice, inform yourself if you don’t know something and to help one another significantly. ICT Hub gave me a huge boost. Since I came here, my personal progress has been very visible.”
Natalija Ranisavljević


“There is always someone there that can help you solve any problem. You will meet the people from various professions, and maybe even find new team members.”
Milan Jerković

Smart City Challenge/Garage Lab

“ICT Hub literally changed my life. I’ll say it again: IT HAS CHANGED MY LIFE. You’ll have the opportunity to work and hang out with some of the brightest minds this region has to offer. Virtually, every new day brings new chances and ideas to change the world. I cannot think of the more rewarding and stimulating place to work from than this. Do not doubt coming here even for a second. Seriously.”

“U Hub sam došla sa idejom da radim ali sam u stvari ne samo radila već se i družila, razvijala ideju uz pomoć ICT Hub tima, kao i stanara koji u njemu stvaraju. Pozitivan duh i zdrava konkurencija su odlika Hub-a i to vam daje želju i mogućnost da budete još bolji u onome što radite. Sjajno je biti u isto vreme i svoj i deo jedne zajednice koja vam dozvoljava samostalan razvoj.”

Dragana Jovčić, Uradi-zaradi

“Sjajno iskustvo. Jednostavno, u jednoj kući imate bukvalno sve na jednom mestu – od dizajnera i programera, do marketara. Svako od stanara ima neki skill koji vi nemate, pa možete pokupiti razne savete, infromišete se ako nešto ne znate i jedni drugima međusobno mnogo pomognete. Meni je ICT Hub dao veliki boost. Od kada sam došla ovde baš se vidi napredak.”

 Natalija Ranisavljević, Forecast Ads

“Uvek je neko tu ko može da vam pomogne da rešite bilo kakav problem. Upoznaćete ljude raznih zanimanja, a možda i naći nove članove vašeg tima.”

 Milan Jerković, Spartans


Laptop friendly working area


tailored for our part-time tenants, daily visitors and full-time working buddies who are flexible and don’t mind switching their work desk every day or two.

Quiet working zone


dedicated to startup teams and individuals who seek personal desk where they can fit their equipment.

Community table


according to our tenants, the most attractive and inspiring corner of Playground!

Meeting rooms


#create, #ideate, and #brainstorm

MeetUp area

Garage Lab


An IoT lab equipped with a 3D printer, robotics, and microelectronic tools

Meet Up area:

up to 70 people (on special occasions we can adjust the space and make it suitable for 100 visitors).

Equipped with a wall – projector, lazy bags, flip charts, table tennis. 50EUR per-hour, but depending on the type of event, prices are subject to change.


starting from 20EUR per hour


starting from 15EUR per hour

Do you want to organize an event on our innovative playground?

Meet our tenants


We are proud of our tenants' ideas in which we have recognised positive changes – we helped some of them progress and we provided support for a majority of them. (priče naših stanara) We continue to follow their work and development because this keeps us motivated to do our best in strengthening the startup ecosystem.

We keep creating because we believe that an inspirational environment is an ideal workplace. We think that every playground is merrier if there are more of us, so we would like to invite you to play and cowork with us.